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Mattresses with all the right qualities

Custom tailored for greater comfort, chemical-free, durable and reasonably priced

Our straightforward philosophy to better, healthier sleep consists of four simple points:

Natural, healthy materials are better
Use only natural, healthy, top-quality materials to create the most comfortable, luxurious, custom-tailored beds possible.  Synthetic materials break down quicker and trap heat and moisture…both undesirable qualities.

Beds are not “one size fits all”
Fit the bed to the individual.  Possess a clear understanding of the ergonomic aspects of sleep - utilize this profound knowledge to match the individual to the correct bed for their specific body type and sleeping style.  

Make beds that hold their shape and last
High quality components and a smarter design intent on durability, not only ensures a bed that will keep its shape long-term but also provides greater comfort short-term.

Respect the customer with every day low prices & no pressure sales tactics
The consistency of our prices are as consistent as the quality of our products.  With an 'every day low price' pricing strategy, we promise our consumers our best price without the need to wait for a sales event or to comparison shop.  Shop when you’re ready, buy when you are ready.

What a mattress ought to be

We looked at all the problems traditional mattresses encounter and decided to eliminate all those issues in our sleep system:

The Sovn Sleep System Traditional mattresses
Custom tailored for greater comfort One size fits all
Contour & support no matter your size & weight Firm, medium or soft
Only natural, healthy materials - no chemicals Synthetic mattress covers, polyurethane foam & chemical flame retardants
Exceptional durability in all components Synthetic foam & Bonnell coils breakdown much quicker
Premium features at reasonable prices Always a question if you're paying too much or too little
Provides airflow for cooler, dryer more stable temps Trap heat and moisture
Zippered covers allow adjustability after the purchase No adjustability
Responsive flexible slat system Passive box spring
Full 10 Year Warranty Prorated, limited warranty

More reasons to consider the Sovn European Sleep System

"The best bed I have ever slept on!"

Rob B. – Dallas, TX

We design and build our sleep system based on traditional European designs while incorporating the most cutting edge scientifically-based & engineered modifications for exceptional performance and durability.

Perfect for couples

Our sleep systems are a unique blend of ortho-engineering and high-quality touches that work together to provide:

  • Dual Adjusted Comfort - Healthy support tailored to each individual and dual-adjusted for couples
  • Various Firmness Options - A variety of comfort preferences. There's one that just right!
  • Reduced Motion Transfer - Quiet sleep with far less motion
  • Clean, Healthy, Chemical-free Materials - A natural and pure sleeping environment free of harmful chemicals - no polyurethane, no memory foam, no off-gassing
  • Temperature Stability – Natural fibers & a design that promotes airflow for less heat & humidity and more comfortable, stable sleeping temperatures
  • Extremely High Quality Components – Components that won’t breakdown for a durable and lasting investment in healthier sleep

Motivated to provide you with only the highest quality

We are always looking for a better component or a way to improve our sleep systems so our customers enjoy the benefits that thoughtful design, first-rate innovations and quality construction can bring.