At Søvn, there is no "good, better, best" or "top of the line".  There is no difference in quality of the materials. The difference is in the mattress construction.  All mattresses contain:

    • 100% organic knit cotton covers
    • 100% natural latex foam
    • 100% Plein-Air Wool® /Merino wool and/or camel wool
    • High-carbon steel individually pocketed coils 

Our range of mattress designs covers a wide array of different support and firmness options. Once we've helped you find the firmness option that provides correct alignment for your body weight and shape, you still need to choose the mattress model that "feels" right for you.  

The sensation of comfort is very personal. Some people are comfortable with a feel they've gotten used to over many years; others have been yearning for that extra soft and cradling mattress, while not wanting to compromise on durability. 

Whatever your preference, you can choose with confidence, knowing that every single mattress we sell is made of the same high-quality components & materials.  

If you are unable visit one of our locations, please contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.
Toll Free: 1-877-425-2325