3D Support

Support and alignment in three dimensions

Many mattress stores display pictures of side-sleepers with straight spines, suggesting that a spine free of lateral movement is the key to sleeping well. But we’re not flat cardboard cutouts: our spines rotate multi-dimensionally, and misalignment of the spine during sleep can lead to musculoskeletal stress, muscular stiffness, and back pain in the morning.

Maintaining torsional alignment in which the spine is not twisted or turned is more important to comfortable, pain-free sleep than simply maintaining a straight spine. Torsional alignment also impacts our oxygen intake, a key factor to a healthy night’s sleep.

Most Mattresses Fail

Most conventional mattresses have flat, inflexible surfaces that don’t accommodate the curves of the body. When your body meets that surface, your hips and shoulders are forced to rotate, resulting in torsional misalignment. This reduces the restorative properties of sleep by adding instability and stress to the body, causing reduced oxygen intake, and aches and pains in the morning.

The Søvn Solution

At Søvn European Sleep Systems, we understand that three-dimensional support is a critical factor in mattress performance.

Our flexible mattresses provide an adaptable surface that contours to fit your body, minimizing strain at the shoulders and hips while supporting the curves at your waist and back. Our adjustable, flexible slat systems allow us to create an even greater depth of contour, with added support and lift where you need it.

When your body is properly supported without strain, you can breathe more deeply, increasing your oxygen intake. For full-body alignment, our Oxygen Pillow provides the support your head and neck require for deeper breathing—and a more restful night’s sleep.