Comfort is subjective

We all want a comfortable mattress, but everyone defines comfort differently. Some of us choose a soft mattress that envelops the body, while others prefer a firmer bed. But softness and firmness aren’t the only defining factors when it comes to a comfortable mattress. Sleep temperature, support, motion transfer, and breathability are also important features that influence the comfort of a mattress. Finding the right mattress often requires balancing a number of personal needs and preferences.

The Søvn Solution

How can a mattress address so many comfort needs? It’s all in the design. Our customized mattress systems put comfort first with four style variations, each in a range from soft to firm. We use only high-quality European components chosen for their elasticity, durability, and cleanliness.

Stretch cotton, wool, natural latex foam, and independent carbon steel coils combine to create an inviting, orthopedically-sound mattress that reduces contact pressure, humidity, and motion transfer while providing even support.

And you’ll breathe easy sleeping on our Oeko-Tex certified mattress parts. All of our mattress components are tested for toxic chemicals and rated ecologically safe.

Our bedding line completes the system. The Oxygen Pillow provides proper support for deep breathing, and our organic cotton stretch mattress pads and natural wool-filled comforters promote drier, cooler sleep.