Contact Pressure

Under pressure

Beyond simply causing discomfort, the pressure that most mattresses exert against your shoulders and hips can rob your body of much-needed rest and rejuvenation. Pressure-point stress at weight-bearing areas of the body can also impair circulation, disrupt cellular respiration, increase heart rate, raise blood pressure, and cause restlessness that leads to shallow sleep.

Additionally, most U.S. mattresses have pressure ratings at or above levels that can cause circulatory problems to develop.

The Søvn Solution

Søvn European Sleep Systems mattresses are designed to reduce pressure from the top down. Our stretch-cotton mattress cover, elastic natural latex foam, and independent coils combine to create a uniquely comfortable surface with dramatically reduced pressure ratings that are well below those of conventional mattresses.

And we don’t stop there. Our flexible, adjustable slat systems yield at weight-bearing points, providing greater give and increased pressure reduction. Our stretch-cotton mattress pads protect your mattress without adding surface tension. It all adds up to lower contact pressure, improved circulation, and lower blood pressure for deeper, more restorative sleep.