Durability and Use

Like automobiles, mattresses are durable goods with a useable lifespan. Over the course of ten years, we use a mattress almost ten times as much as a car. In fact, we use a mattress more than any other durable good we own, and we’re less able to tolerate its wear. While we accept a decline in performance in a car, we expect a mattress to perform like new for years despite extensive use.

The truth about mattress lifespan

Mattresses don’t last fifteen years. Most don’t function well past ten. Conventional mattress warranties reflect this truth and often don’t cover wear at all.

At Søvn European Sleep Systems, we consistently see customers replacing a “premium” conventional mattress that is less than five years old. Many mattress companies sell expensive mattresses made of substandard materials that just don’t hold up well over time knowing that consumers believe a more costly product is a better one.

Mattresses have a normal arc of wear

Mattresses do wear with use—and they should. If the weight of your body doesn’t cause the mattress to yield, your body will experience increased pressure in the shoulders and hips (think crumple-zones on a car). This yielding leads to the mattress’ gradual breakdown. Put another way, either the mattress wears out—or you do. A well-built mattress with durable, flexible components will generally last about ten years. Wear should occur gradually without dramatically affecting comfort or function.

The Søvn Solution

At Søvn European Sleep Systems, we are mattress designers and builders. Our mattresses are designed for function, and are built to last with components that we select and buy from the European market. Our all-natural latex foam and independent carbon steel coils are more durable—and more comfortable—than those found in conventional mattresses. With higher-quality components, we can offer a full 10-year warranty with no fine print.