Our Mattress Models

The Aspen

A dense, solid feel with virtually zero motion transfer.  Coil on coil construction. One inch of 100% natural latex foam cushioning + German micro-coils with strong, flexible nested Swedish base coil.  Currently our best seller.  
Twin/TXL $1,700 
Full $2,200
Queen $2,300
King/Cal-King $2,700

The I-Willow

One of our most popular models with a long track record of comfort and durability.  Bi-level flexible steel coils offer an impressive range of flex for improved contour and pressure reduction.  Topped with 2" of 100% natural Talalay latex. 
Twin/TXL $1,500 
Full $2,000
Queen $2,100
King/Cal-King $2,600

The Spruce

Superior pressure point relief, superior support...a superior latex mattress from top to bottom. 100% Talalay natural latex foam mattress. Eight inches of latex foam, no coils.
Twin/TXL $1,800 
Full $2,400
Queen $2,500
King/Cal-King $3,000


The Cypress

The definition of luxury - plush & supportive; amazingly comfortable. Three layers of Swedish made coils with distinctively different characteristics. This composition deflects pressure and provides a luxurious feel of weightlessness.


Twin/TXL $1,800 
Full $2,500
Queen $2,600
King/Cal-King $3,500

The Linden

Combines the supple comfort of natural Talalay latex with the elastic density of a nested base coil with an exceptionally high coil count of 1500 coils. We designed this model for those who like surface comfort combined with yielding yet buoyant support.
Twin/TXL $900 
Full $1,200
Queen $1,400
King/Cal-King N/A

The Sapling - Kid's Mattress

The Sapling Kid’s mattress is made with organic cotton, organic wool covers pocketed coils, extra layer of organic wool and the same functional performance cover material as our adult mattresses – a great choice for small children.  Only available in Twin Size.
Twin $500 
Full N/A
Queen N/A
King/Cal-King N/A






At Søvn European Sleep Systems, there is no "good, better, best" or "top of the line".  There is no difference in quality of the materials.  The difference is in how the mattress is constructed and how well it supports YOU

All mattresses have the following in common:

  •  100% organic knit cotton covers

  •  100% natural latex foam

  •  100% Plein-Air Wool® /Merino wool and/or camel wool

  •  High-carbon steel individually pocketed coils 


  Other Optional Performance Components

Flexible Slat Foundation

A responsive support foundation for your mattress that consists of a dual-sided series of bowed wooden slats (if you share the bed, each person has their own set of slats). These slats flex and rotate under pressure, responding to the weight and shape of your body.


Twin/TXL $450 
Full na
Queen $800
King/Cal-King $900  


The Oxygen Pillow

The Oxygen Pillow's patented design neutralizes alignment taking tension away from the neck muscles while opening the airway for deeper, more restful sleep.


Size: 16"x25" $160

Removable Pillow top

A soft cover made with organic cotton knit lined with a generous helping of fine Merino wool encases a 1" layer of 100% pure natural latex foam. Benefits include pressure point relief and temperature regulation.
Twin/TXL $600 
Full $800
Queen $800
King/Cal-King $900

The Wedge

Breathe easier with a slightly elevated torso, without applying pressure to neck and hips. 


1/2 Queen $230
1/2 King $300
If you are unable visit one of our locations, please contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.
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