Ergonomic Factors

Our goal is to help you find a bed that is going to fit you-not the other way around.  
What separates a great mattress from a mediocre one?

Simply put - durability of materials & personal fit - how well the bed fits YOU. 

How a mattress feels and performs is a function of its design and materials. At Søvn European Sleep Systems, we take a comprehensive approach to building a high-quality, healthy, and comfortable mattress. From stability and durability to motion transfer and personalized fit, we look at all the pieces of the puzzle that affect sleep quality.
The proper firmness level of a mattress depends on YOU - your size, weight, weight distribution, and preferred sleeping positions. Mattresses are NOT "one size fits all".
The "Help Me Choose" fitting tool can take the risk out of your purchase by eliminating the firmness levels that simply aren't healthy for you based on basic physiological factors and the laws of physics.