A Bed Built Just For You

Custom-Tailored & Personalized Mattresses

Wouldn't it be nice to get real guidance from someone trained in the ergonomics of sleep?  

At Søvn European Sleep Systems, we are trained in the ergonomics of sleep and body mechanics.  What that means to you is that we are able help you and your partner find the proper mattress for your size, weight, weight distribution, and how you sleep.

The Ergonomics of Sleep?  What is that?

Your new mattress should fit YOU and not the other way around.  When selecting a new mattress, the objective is a mattress that will provide a combination of two supremely important functions:

  1. support body weight properly and
  2. provide pressure-point relief where necessary

Achieving these objectives will result in a neutral, natural sleeping posture, providing optimal ergonomic positioning while you sleep.  

The fact is that there is no single mattress design or firmness level that is good for everyone.  

How do I prepare for the fitting process?

      • Our fitting process takes about 30 minutes.   
      • No need to make an appointment, unless you need to come in during non-business hours .
      • Dress in comfortable clothes.
      • Bring some basic information:  
        • Think about how you sleep: side, back, belly?  Put some ballpark percentages to each sleeping position.  This will help us eliminate some obvious options. 
        • Think about what physical issues are keeping you awake or bothering you: shoulder pain, hip pain, low back pain?
This 30-minute exercise can make a huge difference to your overall comfort and health. It is time well spent, and can prevent you from making a big mistake on your next mattress purchase.

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