12 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sovn

1.  Superior Comfort. Our mattresses are designed to meet your unique needs - not “one size fits all." THE PERSONALIZED FITTING

2.  Lasting Quality.  Say goodbye to body impressions and sags.

3.  Certified Natural Goodness.  Natural, healthy materials are better.  LEARN MORE

4.  A Better Shopping Experience.  We simply operate differently than the rest of the mattress business.

  • No commission sales = no pressure sales tactics.
  • An "everyday low price" means we promise our customers our best price without the need to comparison shop or to wait for a sales event. 

    5.  Reduced Motion Transfer.  Quiet sleep with far less movement.

    6.  Cooler Sleeping Temperatures. Natural fibers & design promotes airflow and breathability for less heat & humidity.

    7.  One Mattress Built for Two Completely Different Sleepers.  Perfect for couples.

    8.  Various Firmness Options.  Over 23 different comfort preferences. There's one that just right for you!

    9.  Free 100-Day Comfort Exchange. If the bed is too firm or too soft, you can change it...at no additional cost.  

    10.  10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty. You're covered 100%. Short & sweet with no confusing fine print.  LEARN MORE

    11.  Exceptional Quality at Reasonable Prices. Queen size mattresses start at $1,400.00.  King size mattresses start at $2,300.00  COMPLETE PRICE LIST

    12.  Financing Available - 12 months, 0% interest. Small monthly payments.  Free money for a year!  

    Quick Comparison:



    Custom tailored for greater comfort

    One size fits all

    Contour & support no matter your size & weight

    Firm, medium or soft

    Only natural, healthy materials - no chemicals

    Synthetic mattress covers, polyurethane foam

    No chemical flame retardants

    Chemical flame retardants

    Exceptional durability in all components

    Breakdown is much quicker due to synthetic foam & Bonnell coils

    Premium features at reasonable prices

    Always a question if you're paying too much or too little

    Sleeps cool & dry - more stable sleeping temps

    Synthetic materials trap heat & moisture

    Zippered covers = adjustability after the purchase

    No adjustability

    Self-adjusting flexible slat system

    Passive box spring

    Full 10-Year Warranty

    Prorated, limited warranty