Reasons Why You Should Choose Sovn_L

1.  Superior Comfort. Our mattresses are designed to meet your unique needs - not “one size fits all." Our mattresses are built to fit you, not the other way around. With a clear understanding of the ergonomic aspects of sleep, we help you find the correct mattress for your specific body type and preferred sleeping position/s.  A custom-tailored fit coupled with our self-adjusting mattress & foundation ensure that your sleeping position stays natural & neutral.  LEARN MORE 

2.  Lasting Quality.  Say goodbye to body impressions and sags.

High-quality components and a smarter design not only ensures that your mattress  will keep its shape long-term but also provides greater overall comfort.  

3.  Certified Natural Goodness.  Natural, healthy materials are better.

We use only natural, healthy materials certified free of harmful chemicals. This means a much cleaner sleeping environment for you and your loved ones.  You will NEVER find memory foam, polyurethane foam, or polyester in our beds. LEARN MORE

4.  A Better Shopping Experience.  We simply operate differently than the rest of the mattress business.

  • Our goal is to help you make a good choice -- a decision you will be happy with for many years.
  • We don't work on commission.  As a result, you can expect no-pressure sales tactics.
  • Everyday low prices - The consistency of our prices is as consistent as the quality of our products. With an "everyday low price" pricing strategy, we promise our customers our best price without the need to comparison shop or to wait for a sales event. Shop when you’re ready, buy when YOU are ready.

 5.  Reduced Motion Transfer.  Quiet sleep with far less movement.

If your partner tends to act out his or her dreams every night or you're just on different schedules, our mattress will help you sleep right through it. 

6.  Stable, Cooler Sleeping Temperatures.  Natural fibers & design promotes airflow and breathability for less heat & humidity.

Synthetic bedding and synthetic foam in mattresses trap and hold moisture because air is unable to circulate.  As body heat and moisture build up, your heart rate increases, which elevates blood pressure and causes shallower sleep. 

7.  One Mattress Built for Two Completely Different Sleepers.  Perfect for couples.

Why should two individuals of different sizes and shapes agree on the same mattress?  That's why we build mattresses with multiple firmness levels.  No need to compromise.  

8.  Various Firmness Options.  Over 23 different comfort preferences.

With over 23 different comfort preferences, we build mattresses that are great for side sleepers, back sleepers, belly sleepers or a combination of all of those.  There's one that just right for you!

9.  Modular Design & Construction.  Free 60-Day Comfort Exchange.  

Our mattresses are designed with a modular construction and zippered mattress covers making our components interchangeable.  So if you find that the bed is too firm or too soft or too whatever, you can always change it.  You’re never stuck.  

10.  10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty.  Short & sweet with no confusing fine print.  LEARN MORE

11.  Exceptional Quality at Reasonable Prices.  Queen size mattresses start at $1,400.00.  King size mattresses start at $2,300.00


12.  Financing Available - 12 months, 0% interest.  Make small monthly payments for no additional cost.  Free money for a year!  

Quick Comparison:



Custom tailored for greater comfort

One size fits all

Contour & support no matter your size & weight

Firm, medium or soft

Only natural, healthy materials - no chemicals

Synthetic mattress covers, polyurethane foam

No chemical flame retardants

Chemical flame retardants

Exceptional durability in all components

Breakdown is much quicker due to synthetic foam & Bonnell coils

Premium features at reasonable prices

Always a question if you're paying too much or too little

Sleeps cool & dry - more stable sleeping temps

Synthetic materials trap heat & moisture

Zippered covers = adjustability after the purchase

No adjustability

Self-adjusting flexible slat system

Passive box spring

Full 10-Year Warranty

Prorated, limited warranty