Superior Materials

What's in our mattresses?

- Natural Latex Foam
- Wool
- Organic Cotton
- Pocketed Coils

In order to build a great mattress, Søvn took a very different approach from the conventional mattress market.  Our focus was on making the "World's Most Comfortable Mattress" while using: 

  • extremely durable materials - (natural latex foam & individually pocketed coils)
  • natural, non-toxic materials & components - (organic wool & organic cotton)
  • an adjustable, modular design - (flexible slats & zippered covers)   

You will NOT find memory foam, polyurethane foam or polyester in our mattresses.  They aren’t one-size fits all, and they won’t be arriving in a small, rectangular box.

The result:  A mattress designed to respond to the weight and shape of your body for pressure reduction, stability, and exceptional comfort.


Organic Cotton

Our mattress covers are specially designed to optimize airflow and to work with the flexible mattress core to allow optimal contour to the sleeper’s body.
Sourced in Germany.


An excellent temperature regulator, helps remove heat and humidity from the body, keeping you dry and cool.
Sourced in France.

Natural Talalay Latex Foam

The natural latex used in all Søvn Beds is 100% natural Talalay latex foam certified by Oekotex 100.
Sourced in Holland.

Individually Pocketed Coils

Strong & flexible coils provide excellent contour and support for superior pressure point relief.
Sourced in Germany and Sweden.

Solid Untreated Wood

Sourced from certified suppliers in Germany and Canada.