2 Motor M+K Motorized Base

  • 2-Motor adjustable design offers ergonomic, individualized comfort
  • Elevates upper body and behind the knee 
  • Wireless back-lit radio remote control
  • Solid beech wood frame
  • Fits any frame or can stand alone
  • Made in Germany
  • Solid design & function 

    Our 3D motorized adjustable slat base offers increased comfort options for sitting and sleeping while maintaining support and spinal alignment. The 3D’s strong double motors are controlled by a quiet, wireless radio remote control that is easy to use. The hand control is backlit and has an integrated flashlight. The midsection of the base includes six adjustable slat zones with firmness sliders which can be adjusted to create additional lift and give when needed. The 3D combines the natural beauty of wood with high stability and function.

    Time tested expertise and quality 

    We import the 3D in US sizes from Germany. The manufacturer has been specializing in the development and making flexible slat systems for four decades. Our US version features a reinforced steel mechanism, strong 6000N double motor and a reinforced power supply for high durability. The wood is PEFC certified and finished with food approved wax to protect against humidity in the bedroom environment.






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