All Season Comforter - Certified Organic - Wool/Cotton

Comforter made with 100% Organic Cotton/Wool

German-made "All Season" Wool/Cotton Comforter by Berkeley Ergonomics.

Perfect for cool or warm climates, these wool-filled comforters are made of certified organic cotton covers quilted to certified organic wool.

Wool is the most breathable natural fiber, holding up to 30% of its weight in moisture. This allows perspiration to evaporate, keeping you cool and dry. A drier environment means fewer dust mites — and a more stable body temperature.

The unique circular stitching prevents the wool from clumping and facilitates machine washing.

  • Machine washable.
  • Air dry only.

Available Weights & Dimensions:

  • 300 gsm / King (106"x92") (Heavy Weight)
  • 300 gsm / Queen (88"x92") (Heavy Weight)
  • 150 gsm / King (106"x92") (Light Weight)
  • 150 gsm / Queen (88"x92") (Light Weight)

*gsm = grams per square meter of wool fill


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