The Magnolia

Swedish-made parallel coils + 1" layer of 100% natural latex foam cushioning

The Magnolia offers excellent support benefits but with a more lush, bouyant feel. Two sets of Swedish-made individually-pocketed coils plus a 1" layer of 100% natural latex foam cushioning. This construction produces unrivaled contouring & support - soft initial feel, yet exceptionally supportive. A very different experience compared to our other mattress models. Four (4) firmness levels.

  • 2,150 Swedish-made coils (King)
  • High-quality carbon steel, individually pocketed coils
  • Zippered covers allow access to modular components
  • Parallel pattern with special stretch design
  • 1" of 100% natural latex foam cushion
  • Lightweight fine Merino wool lining
  • High-performance German-made stretch knit cotton cover
  • No turning or flipping


  • Lush, "buoyant"/conforming feel
  • Designed for greater airflow & breathability
  • Anti-allergenic, dust-mite resistant, anti-microbial

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